Using CSEI

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Customize your CSEI

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CSEI comes painted with the RAL color of your choice, matte or glossy, and transparent colors that let you see the texture of the carbon fiber.

CSEI is also provided with a coating film of pvc with custom textures and custom images (wrapping).
The aluminum parts are anodized in different colors.
The attack for the backrest is compatible with other systems of posture in commerce.
The CSEI is compatible with the use of the Spinergy wheels.

CSEI on videos

Say hello to the CSEI Carbon!

The making of a CSEI Carbon

Tricks on CSEI Carbon

Amazing tricks on CSEI Carbon wheelchair performed by Andrea La Terra in Turin, Italy.

About Man and Heart

Nicola Dutto, a great sportsman and an extraordinary man

CSEI users

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Farhan Hadafo

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Marco Dolfin, Swimming Paralympic athlete of the Briantea84, is a young orthopedic surgeon after a traffic accident has become disabled and has approached the world of sports. Marco managed to keep active even work, representing a perfect example of how anyone can be able to reach its objectives by force of will and passion that accompanies it in life.

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Nicola Dutto, who became a paraplegic after an accident occurred during a race bike. Nicola did not lose his willingness for that, choosing to continue to cultivate his passion and making it the symbol of our mission accepting to become the first testimonial of our wheelchairs.
The strength and determination of Nicola have been well supported by the choice of the innovative wheelchair CSEI carbon, which allows him to move freely.
To learn more about Nicholas visit his website: